Monday, November 15, 2010

cabling without a cable needle video

this is a quick demo video - it's no frills, nothing glamorous. the explanation below assumes you have an understanding on the way cables are formed.

eta:i uploaded the video directly to blogger many times but it ate it!  hence, a vimeo link instead

and here's how i do it!
please excuse the chippy polish ;)

this is a 'hold stitches to the front'/ left leaning cable twist. i find it easiest to insert the corresponding needle into whatever stitches are on the back first, then insert the other needle into the stitches on the front. for this left leaning that's right needle into back stitches, then left needle into front stitches. the reverse right leaning cable: left needle into back stitches then right needle into front stitches. (for a right leaning twist you hold the stitches to the back.)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Perpetual Sock Saga

November 28 2009

i wanted to do these on 2.5 mm needles. because those are the only Signature dpns i have. but i just couldn’t get used to the way the fabric looked. so i switched to 2.25 mm. the fabric now looks the way i like: goldilocks.

using toe as gauge getting like 9 stitches per inch. pattern wants 8. (probably the M1 increases tightening up the stitches. hopefully chills out once i stop increasing.) for my size the pattern already wants lots of stitches (76sts at 8 sts per inch). and despite the math and the logic i have only increased to 72. trying the toe on it already seems just a tad loose. even though i measured my foot and calculated and my gauge is tighter than the pattern. even still. it’s weird. but also i am still earning points towards my “Sock Knitter” badge. if you have any insight, please feel free to leave a comment. * note added dec 6- it was the M1’s tightening gauge. after finishing the foot and working on the ankle gauge is a definite and clean 8 sts per inch.

i will try it on again near the middle of the foot and if it seems tight i will add some increases.

see-sawing on the idea of an afterthought heel …

i expect these to take 1.5 skeins if i keep them below the knee. can’t imagine i will have enough patience to go over the knee with these but it would be nice to use all the yarn. we’ll see. plus, i’d like to repeat this pattern if i can get it successfully down. ::fingers crossed::

having major issues with the stitch count. frog and repeat. sticking with 64 sts on 2.25 mm needles. my gauge is 9 per inch. pattern is telling me 76 stst at 8 per inch for my size. ::shrug:: 64 is working just fine.

Dec 3
foot doned! in record time whilst chilling with Frogtasticjess at the whole foods.

Dec 4
no knitting today.

Dec 5
picked this up to get at that heel. i went through it with minimal frogging. haven’t got this short row heel symmetry perfect yet, but it’ll do for this sock.

ankle doned!

Dec 6
not sure if i should follow the pattern for the calf increases and all. since i had all that trouble with what stitch count to go with, i don’t even know how to read the chart and follow the pattern at this point…

Dec 7
no knitting today. Working with Nozo setting up the visuals in Trish’s apartment for the even tomorrow.

Dec 8, 9 &10
after having a good look at the calf increase section form the pattern i realized i could use it after all. instead of following the chart portion for my size, i followed the stitch count i actually ended up using. so, it was like 3 sizes smaller on the chart. it is fitting perfectly. i have just been chugging along. finishing up the decreases while watching Lost. if only Netflix would play without reloading every few minutes and interrupting my flow :s

July 2010
every now and again i toss a few rows onto these bad larries. they are done up to the ribbing and the ribbing is perpetual. i grab this project bag when i need some mindless knitting. after the summer i’ll probably be motivated to finish them up so i can friggin wear them. no hurry while this damn heat an humidity abounds.

August 2010
rib rib rib

September 28 2010
BINDING OFF! i decided to stay to the knee for these. i want to wear them to Rhinebeck, it’s getting cold and i am in a finishing mood!

  • noe to self: when i attempt again to make over the knee socks or thigh highs, i will start the ribbing much, muchmuchmuch, much later.

used JSSBO

in the third picture (bottom to top) you can see the purl bumps this bind off leaves on the knit stitches. lsg discusses them here

October 5 2010
Bound off the second sock in the wee hours last night. not with out fail, as my knitpicks Harmony circ tip snapped near ten rows left. grrr. not a big deal i thought as i have Harmony size 1 dpns in stash, i go to get them, i ordered them a while ago, the package says size 1, i put them in a needles gauge and blam! size zero. knitpicks you fail again.

i finished them with the broken needle. wasn’t easy and my yarn did not like it but i had no other recourse! i was short on time.

i have crazy eyes in this pic. but whutevs!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

mannequin mani

something i hardly ever do, don simple nude polish. it jumped out of my stash and seemed appropriate for the Autumnal Equinox. renewal, balance, fresh starts and all. tomorrow i may not be able to resist splashing some black or something on top. as it is i am tempted. but i kinda loving the clean blandness of it.
Revlon 705 Grey Suede

Thursday, September 16, 2010

colorama haul

check out what i got in the mail today!

sorry for the tip wear shot. this is a fresh from the package pic.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

more flaky pics

here are a few more pics of the flakiness. i took them today in sunlight. still trying to catch those colors!

the creamy center

i like the creamy center of knitting- not much a fan of casting on or binding off. that's why i like knitting shawls- you only have to cast on like 3 stitches! of course, you pay for it in the end with the binding of of i-don-t-even-want-to-know-how-many-stitches !

that's also why i prefer to knit socks from the toe up- casting on 56 to 60 sts means i have to count the stitches hundreds of times to make sure the number is right. oh and that "join, making sure the stitches aren't twisted" oh no no no! recipe for disaster that is.

Monday, September 13, 2010

feeling flaky!

Flaky nail polish is my latest obsession. flakies flakies flakies! it's hard to capture the magnificence of these flakies and holos in a photo. especially with these mobile cameras and point and shoot digital but i digress, as this is not a post about my photographic philosophy or any o'that. photos are a wee bit blurred but show the spectrum of the flaky flakes the best:

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

magenta hair

this is L'oreal Hi Color Highlights in Magenta over dark brown virgin hair.
i did not bleach first. developer was 30 or 40. i don't recommend doing over 30. if you have delicate, thin or curly hair i recommend using 20. if you want the color to really saturate and don't think a low level developer will get you there, leaving the developer on your hair, leaving it for 20 -30 mins, rinse, dry, then coating the hair in the dye should get you there. one can get better results layering rather than mixing. yes really! i didn't do this here because i didn't know about the technique but be sure that's how i will do it next time!

this pic is from way back in March . i haven't kept up with the, well, up keep for various reasons. but i am really eager to get it back to some funky color. i have the L'oreal Hicolor Highlights in red ready to go but i am thinking some pink or purple or crazy combo is in order.

my hair was super dry after this. some rest, many deep conditioners and a trim and it's all shiny and new and ready to be wrecked again :) actually, now that i know not to use a high developer and to layer, i think it'll be just fine. my hair is so super thin that's why i am avoiding the standard bleach and color route. i think it might all fall right outta my head if it did that!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume III NYC

Breaking the hiatus for this bad boy!

i know i have let quite a layer of dust gather on this blog. it's been a sucky summer. no one wants to hear about that bleh! on with the frivolité!

Introducing Urban decay's Book of Shadows Volume III, the NYC inspired edition. i didn't nab the Alice in Wonderland one or the Original. i was meh about them. but being an NYC girl, and having not bought any nice makeup in more than a year i just had to have it. (nail polish is it's own category)

:click pics to embiggen:

there are two little lights (thanks UD for using blue bulbs :) on either side of the mirror. yes it's cardboard but it's cute. and for traveling it makes a suitable makeshift vanity.

i am super pleased with this acquisition. these photo were eagerly taken in the car with my ip4 just barely after getting them i was so friggin :squee:

okay! okay! i confess! i bought two :D

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hard Candy Envy NOTN

who needs Nars Zulu when this is only five bucks? haha!
check back for a product review : )

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dusty haul! Sally Hansen Nail Prisms

Wheee! I decided to take a walk around my neighborhood and check out
the 101 beautysupply and discount stores here. I came home with four
pristine Bottles if Prisms. Dusty as heck, tops scratched but totally
brand new. Hidden in the back of this cluttered no name hole in the
wall shop. And three Maybelline Colorama flaky topcoats. Very fun fun
fun! Pictures when I get a chance. I am mobile posting. My first
mobile post let's see how it goes. Hopefully not too many horrible
respellimhs by my stoopid iPhone.

edit Feb 22

i am not going to fix the messed up words my stoopid iphone made. i want you to see how stoopid it is.

here are the pics!

click to see them full

plum platinum, bronze coral (i think) something tourmaline, and pink... oh i dunno. i will have to get them out and give you the proper names. sorry! i usually remember these things. but it's late hahaaa

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

my first nad mani!

i dunno if i should start a separate blog for nail arty stuffs. i mean, it's still craft. it's definitely one of my demons. i can barely keep up with one blog i dunno if starting another is really... well, wise. we'll see. for now, here be m'first Konadicure!
(click pics to make huge)

OPI Parlez vous OPI?, m60 plate

i got the plates in the mail yesterday. super fast delivery from OCNailart. they are in California (right? i mean, it's "OC" nail art...) i ordered these Thursday past. Monday POs weren't delivering cause like, it was a holiday (US peeps) and then Blammo! they were delivered early Tuesday. i couldn't play with them til the end of the workday thouhg so i was crankypants allll day : (

this is my 'station' just fartzing around and becoming familiar with them.
(and making a mess : )

no that is not a real Amex gold card. i have a bunch of these fakes from junk mail. i am not using the Konad scraper because i don't want to scratch up my plates.

yes those are delicious Gothsocks i am wearing. Teenage Drama Queen my latest FO which has yet to be blogged. oh wait, i think i just did : )

i also did Jess'

Migi Pink and yellow (from the silver set), m57

in other news, i got a Lamy Safari for Valentine's day!

In Piiiiiiiiink! i has a pink Lamy yay!

China Glaze Recycle with Migi pink and yellow (from the Silver set)

that's the latest!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

yarn dust?!

me winding some Wollmeise 100%, gettin' dusty

after a hundred or so yards more

yes that is a chunk of yarn dust right there

i believe the correct response is something like "wtf?" accompanied by a headscratch

Monday, January 25, 2010

avoiding ladders while knititng in the round

make sure the tip of the new needle is touching the butt of the last needle worked before making that first stitch. i do this with circs and with dpns. doesn’t matter.

i flipped the work around so it should look as if the work is in front of you.
this was fiddly so work with me here.

click photos for full view

the new needle (2) inserted in to first stitch on working needle (in the front door)

wrap the yarn around and pull taught (grab your scarf) . the new needle (2) will touch old needle (3)

keeping this tension complete the stitch (out the window, off jumps jack) as you do this new needle and old needle will join with and rub up against waiting needle (1)it will be a ladderless party!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 5

Check it out, i knit this much sock today:

so far...
plus i did like 6 rows on my Multnomah since yesterday.
it took me most of the day to decide on this stitch pattern for the sock. i originally wound this up and had a go at charade. it was a fail .way to tight after the heel . you remember me and heels not getting along right? i have to get through at least one more pair before i am truly truly convinced i have it down. since i have cast on like a dozen socks over the past year, me and toe-up goes know each other pretty well. i like to start them with circs but as you can see i am knitting the foot of these here with dpns.

what you see: a toe-up sock with lozenge stitch pattern in Sanguine Gryphon Bugga! differential Grashopper. acquired at SS09. Signature 2.5 mm Double-Pointed needles. i go around with 5

the early part of the eyar has seen me spinning just a bit. i mean i had to play with my Kuchulu. it came with a sample piece of Finn wool and i have been taking my sweet time with it. also came with som esuper silky silky. it's like floaty cotton candy threads. i can't mess with that.
i'd better go log in a few more rounds...