Saturday, December 13, 2008

elf chum

i'd heard about the workshop from mochimochiland. why not? i says. and i was lucky, LUCKY! enough to have the day off. i sent invites to Agnes and Jess but they declined. i went ala carte. an unusual thing for me to do folks. it was gloomy december and i needed to do something a bit frivolous you see.

Jenny Harada led the worshop and kindly shared her fabric stash and a pattern for her cute Elf Chum design. we cut the small pieces out and hand-sewed them and stuff the lively creatures. we were scheduled to be done by four and ran-over the time till 'bout six. well, most of the group anyhow.

here is my chum in stages.

i must get an FO pic and add it to the post....

if i can learn to work my machine i can make some a bunch of elf chum (ornaments, toy gifts, decoration...) next holiday.

i had an absolute blast. i hope to attnd more workshops at gallery hanahou branch out my crafty demons further.

you can view pics of the event, participants and their chums