Thursday, October 23, 2008

new york sheep and wool festival 2008

the festival was sat and sunday and Robert assured me it was not that far and would be a fun day trip. with his convincing we went on our merry way in the not too early morning hours and had a fabulous time. there were sheep, of course and goats of the cashmere variety and llamas and alpacas of which i do not think i can tell the difference...isn't it pretty!
i am so glad we went. i didn't end up spending too much money. i was glad there was not bags and skeins and wheels and things that i was dying to go broke for. with stitches coming up it is best that this was more a less just a day out. especially since i have been feeling like crap lately and work life was leaking all over my personal life it was nice to be reminded that my stupid job is not everything. i expected the food to be icky carnival food but it was surprisingly like the best thing i had eaten all month. we ate chicken sandwiches at the cajun hole in the wall and it was not greasy, nicely seasoned and fresh. that was a pleasant surprise. i would drive up there now to get one of those. but i can't drive.
and how cool is this guy!? he totally posed for this one!

i took alots of pics you can see them in my picasa

i bought:
a set of felting needles

a needle gauge pendant
heal my hands salve
a gnome kit from off the beaded path
and i couldn’t resist getting a drop spindle and some roving to try my hand at spinning.

my SO even started his very own stash…

Friday, October 17, 2008


New york sheep and wool festival 2008

the harlot kept mentioning this 'rhinebeck' at the reading and in the q&a and i had heard the term thrown around the ravelry. i knew i had already researched a time a go and it was logical that i just was not going to be able to attend so i had put it out of my mind. now this yarnyharlot goes and puts it back into my head. i have to go! how will i maneuver this with the mischievous powers- of-the-evil-job?....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Yarnharlot Writes Again!


i have attended only two "book readings" prior. (at least to my memo
ry this is so as they were attended both purposely and enthusiastically. my prior employment with borders group may have exposed me to other events which i was not and currently am not aware of. i digress...)

and knitting related of course. the first, in brooklyn for the launch of stitch 'n bitch nation by debbie stoller some years ago, and the second, my first encounter with the yarnharlot in
columbus circle last year. both enlightening and entertaining experiences. I had not been a reader of for very long. it wasn't until i joined ravelry that i was aware of very much anything in the world. some raveler in some post in some thread in some group must have made me click on some link that had me lmao at the muggles. So i became aware. i read this post after the fact and was afrown that i was not able to attend. i am always the last to know!

i miss lots of stuff. i found out about stitches east shortly after the 2007 event was over. I was like, a year late to ravelry. and i only just read Twilight. okay, i read the entire saga. in absolutely no time. and i am reading it again. because i can't deal with the empty hole in my life since i finished. so i am not letting it end. i will just keep reading in this continuous loop of the space/time continuum so that Bella and Edward are always...

yea i know.

i miss alot of things.

i didn't see an episode of My so-called-life until after it was cancelled. i wasn't hip to nirvana until after Kurt shot himself. and i am sure there is something phenomenal going on right now that i am totally unaware of.

so, when the harlot said she was gonna be in bklyn at the B&N on tuesday oct 14th i marked my calender. me, second to last on the left in the third pic down.
the harlot wonders why i didn't bring any knitting.

me and the harlot telepathically making plans to take over the world, one sock at a time.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It Ends or the frogging of the sweater

yea, i dunno what i am doing so i am ripping this thing out and i will start fresh after a break.