Sunday, August 29, 2010

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Volume III NYC

Breaking the hiatus for this bad boy!

i know i have let quite a layer of dust gather on this blog. it's been a sucky summer. no one wants to hear about that bleh! on with the frivolité!

Introducing Urban decay's Book of Shadows Volume III, the NYC inspired edition. i didn't nab the Alice in Wonderland one or the Original. i was meh about them. but being an NYC girl, and having not bought any nice makeup in more than a year i just had to have it. (nail polish is it's own category)

:click pics to embiggen:

there are two little lights (thanks UD for using blue bulbs :) on either side of the mirror. yes it's cardboard but it's cute. and for traveling it makes a suitable makeshift vanity.

i am super pleased with this acquisition. these photo were eagerly taken in the car with my ip4 just barely after getting them i was so friggin :squee:

okay! okay! i confess! i bought two :D