Friday, January 23, 2009

wollmeise calling...

the Wollmeise.
i first heard of her on the podcast knitters uncensored. they are in Deutschland! Claudia was on in an interview.

i was intrigued by the whole scenario. one of the many discussions they had was over the names of the colorways. in hearing about the Poison #5 i was distinctly reminded of that movie with sandra bullock that comes on TBS every now and again. a funny little number and of course the signature song--- love potion #9. relation? i dunno. misinterpretation? maybe...

through ravelry i slowly learned about the phenomenon. this gentle hand painter of yarns was indeed highly revered and her product obsessively sought after. skeins on ebay selling for 3- 5 times the original price. madness. over sock yarn.

i can be drawn in to these epidemics. things that are limited edition, nearly impossible to get your hands on. those things push my button and set me on a frenzy.

i was proud that i resisted the wollmeise. it was pretty easy since everything in her shop (online) is always sold out. the madness hadn't infected me. i chose to be indifferent. having never seen the yarn in-the-fiber, it wasn't that difficult. i even had the opportunity to get a skein in a ravelry destash and just clicked right by it. (i may have added my name to some sort of WM swap list at some point but i wasn't expecting to get that yarn anytime soon. especially since the WM announced that she was no longer going to announce her shop updates ahead of time. now it was officially impossible to get this yarn. i'll by some BMFA instead).

and last night i couldn't sleep. i lay there staring at the ceiling and i remember hearing somewhere the best thing to do when you can't sleep is just get outta the bed. do something. so i figured i would try to cast on my shetland triangle. queued for months, if not longer. yarn sitting in stash. brand new addi clicks waiting to be used....

"but first i must ravel a bit... then i work on that cast on..."

"hmmm. it's the middle of the night. isn't this the time when the wollmeise would update her shop... it doesn't hurt to look. "

"what!?! what is this... . what is this little green light i have never seen here before...stuff is in stock? impossible!"

the madness. took me over. i couldn't believe i was experiencing a wollmeise update. and i clicked fast. and i clicked to win. and i ordered that yarn.

was the wollmeise calling to me in my insomnia? does karma really exist? is it just a fortunate coincidence? pure luck? i guess we'll never know....