Wednesday, February 17, 2010

my first nad mani!

i dunno if i should start a separate blog for nail arty stuffs. i mean, it's still craft. it's definitely one of my demons. i can barely keep up with one blog i dunno if starting another is really... well, wise. we'll see. for now, here be m'first Konadicure!
(click pics to make huge)

OPI Parlez vous OPI?, m60 plate

i got the plates in the mail yesterday. super fast delivery from OCNailart. they are in California (right? i mean, it's "OC" nail art...) i ordered these Thursday past. Monday POs weren't delivering cause like, it was a holiday (US peeps) and then Blammo! they were delivered early Tuesday. i couldn't play with them til the end of the workday thouhg so i was crankypants allll day : (

this is my 'station' just fartzing around and becoming familiar with them.
(and making a mess : )

no that is not a real Amex gold card. i have a bunch of these fakes from junk mail. i am not using the Konad scraper because i don't want to scratch up my plates.

yes those are delicious Gothsocks i am wearing. Teenage Drama Queen my latest FO which has yet to be blogged. oh wait, i think i just did : )

i also did Jess'

Migi Pink and yellow (from the silver set), m57

in other news, i got a Lamy Safari for Valentine's day!

In Piiiiiiiiink! i has a pink Lamy yay!

China Glaze Recycle with Migi pink and yellow (from the Silver set)

that's the latest!


Diva2themax said...

I LOVE IT! Can't wait for KONAD PARTY & I really need to make a purchase asap.

Jenna said...

Whoa dude. Holy hell. I am in awe/horribly jealous/hate you a little.

Harlem Purl said...

I love the designs on your nails. At first I'm like "how'd she do that!!!!!????". I'm about to go google Konad and see what this thing is you used to make such creative nail art.

btw, please do not get another blog, you can keep it all right here :-)

a frog named purl said...

i dunno if you gals get notifications of these comments or whatnot...
but anyhow:

Jenna yeah baby! i feast on your jealousy and it satisfies immensely! bwahahaararr it will until you get yer own that is. i am so geeked out over this Konad stuff right now : P

Chante be careful once you google there is no turning back! haa haa
but if you must: check out
youtube's by sayanythingbrooke and

i think i will keep this all in one blog. at least for now.