Wednesday, September 1, 2010

magenta hair

this is L'oreal Hi Color Highlights in Magenta over dark brown virgin hair.
i did not bleach first. developer was 30 or 40. i don't recommend doing over 30. if you have delicate, thin or curly hair i recommend using 20. if you want the color to really saturate and don't think a low level developer will get you there, leaving the developer on your hair, leaving it for 20 -30 mins, rinse, dry, then coating the hair in the dye should get you there. one can get better results layering rather than mixing. yes really! i didn't do this here because i didn't know about the technique but be sure that's how i will do it next time!

this pic is from way back in March . i haven't kept up with the, well, up keep for various reasons. but i am really eager to get it back to some funky color. i have the L'oreal Hicolor Highlights in red ready to go but i am thinking some pink or purple or crazy combo is in order.

my hair was super dry after this. some rest, many deep conditioners and a trim and it's all shiny and new and ready to be wrecked again :) actually, now that i know not to use a high developer and to layer, i think it'll be just fine. my hair is so super thin that's why i am avoiding the standard bleach and color route. i think it might all fall right outta my head if it did that!

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