Sunday, August 16, 2009

no good way to knit a sock?

for my first sock i started the way i think most knitters do, on double-pointed needles. i later learned about Magic Loop and socks on two circulars. i have made a couple single socks using dpns, cuff down i might add, then learned how to magic loop (out of necessity for the legs on Mochimochiland's reindeer pattern and bob pattern -such tiny circumferences!) to complete my first complete pair of socks my tootsie, toe-up. i have used 8 and 12 inch circluars ( clover plastic mini circs) for legwarmers and arm warmers and i like those alot. also good for sleeves.

after that pair of socks i realized that MLing wasn't really any faster than dpns, because the time you save from switching from needle to needle is eaten up by guiding the yarn around that 32" circ. and if you knit tight, or have a needle with a bit of fight in the join (i have to meet ANY needle that has NO fight in the join whatsoever. though i acknowledge that some are better than others) than that adds to the seconds it make take for you to push the stitches across. it was this revelation that led me to think i might indeed be better off going back to DPNs.

having become a touch of a yarn snob over time, and having increased my experiences with different brands and materials of needles i am finding diffiulty getting in a groove with ANY method knitting a sock at all. basically i have used Knitpicks both harmony and and metal, Addis and Addi lace, Clover bamboo, KA and though i don't own them i have knit a fair few rows on Signatures. after ML ing on Addi lace and even the Harmonies i find the Clover DPNs just unsuitable for knitting a sock on. sticky. and i'd still have to magic loop the toe. because i don't think i will be switching away from Judy's Magic cast on or toe-up anytime soon.

i would love to be able to label myself "a sock knitter". to complete many pairs and each in a fair amount of time. to use of this coveted mountain of sock yarn (mostly the illustrious wollmeise) i have amassed since the beginning of 2009. i mean, i went across the country to Sock Summit for Bob's sake! but i can't seem to pump another sock of these needles. any of them. and let's not even bring up the heel troubles i have having!

my latest attempt are these 9" Clover bamboo circs. they are new to the market i think. and i thought them the answer to my DPN vs ML problem (two circs was never an option for me, buyin two of every needle? nah. plus i find the process the same as ML). ack! if they were 8" they would be just that. but they are not. they are 9". shit. and so even though i don't have to "set off an alarm" as Cat Bordhi says, in the round i have to struggle a strain to get all the stitches across the needle . because i don't quite have 9 inches worth of sttches on there. oy vey.

what on earth to do? is there no good way to knit a sock?


crochetamommy said...

ok, being a new knitter, and a lover of socks! i love dpns, i have not tried with circs yet, as a beginner, i used Silvers sock class, cuff down, and loved it, i have not tried a toe up, but until i quit being content with what i know, i doubt i'll try it, just yet! i hope you find your "groove" to sock knitting!
hazel in south ga

=Tamar said...

I tried magic loop and didn't see the point. Two circulars is probably nice for travel, but I'm happy with dpns. I use old metal dpns, in sets of five. I can do Judy's Magic Cast-On with them (she is a genius). The easiest heel in my opinion is the afterthought heel. The big secret: socks don't have to be perfect. Right now I'm just knitting pretty tubes. I'll stick toes and heels on them later.

a frog named purl said...

thanks for sending good sock knitting vibes!i was totally content with DPNs until i tried something better. always looking for "something better"

i have been thinking on the afterthought heel and also, the afterthought cuff, like in Cat Bordhi's Houdini socks. my heel problems have been tormentuous! i am presently having a break from the short-row heel drama by trying gusset and heel flap (toe-up with a difference) we'll see how that goes. right now, just the plain knitting is giving me trouble. lol. i can be more comfortable with my socks being imperfect if i know how to get them perfect first. if that makes any sense. but i am seduced by this idea of knitting lots of fun tubes and worrying about the toes and heels later. it never occurred to me to do afterthought toes!

thanks for commenting